Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking available by the BRB Green Street Stop in Ithaca? There are three parking lots located right next to the BRB Green Street Stop:

  • Immediately opposite the BRB Green Street Stop
  • On Seneca Street, opposite Bank Alley on the Commons
  • On South Cayuga Street, behind the library and opposite Hotel Ithaca

Since these parking lots range from short-term to long-term, please check with the parking authority to find one that matches your needs.

Is there parking available by the BRB Bryant Park Stop in New York City? The BRB Bryant Park Stop is right in the heart of Manhattan. Within a two-block radius, there are seven active garages that you can use, keep in mind though – the average daily rate for garage parking in New York City is roughly $50. Within that same two-block radius around the BRB Bryant Park Stop, you also have access to the 1,2,3 Metro lines, the N,Q,R Metro lines, and a few other options that can take you further out of the city.

Do you issue tickets? All BRB reservations are made through our online reservation system or by phone, and we don’t issue physical tickets. Just make sure you know the name the reservation is under, and as you line up in front of the bus, our BRB driver will ask you for the name on the reservation. Once they locate your reservation, they will help you load your bags and remind you of your seat assignment, and you’re good to go!

How much luggage can I bring? The Big Red Bullet has storage space for luggage both underneath the passenger compartment and in the overhead bins inside the passenger compartment. While the underneath allows for two standard sized pieces of luggage per passenger, the overhead bins are only suitable for carry-on bags. Unless you get lucky and there is extra space available, all passengers will be limited to two pieces of luggage each excluding carry-ons. Bikes are allowed provided they are in bike boxes, and they do count towards your two-piece quota. The Big Red Bullet is not responsible for luggage that is lost, damaged, left behind, or stolen.

Can I talk on the phone on the bus? While we know that sometimes you just need to make or take that single call, we do ask that you limit your phone conversations to a minimum, and please keep your volume down. As you can imagine, passengers around you may be trying to work or sleep, and lengthy or loud phone conversations can be very irritating to those around you.

Can I stream movies through your WIFI? Unfortunately we are unable to support streaming content through our WIFI network on the BRB.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs? The Big Red Bullet will accommodate a single wheelchair upon two (2) business days notice. Accommodation can not be made through the reservation system, however. Passengers wishing to use this service should email us at at least 4 business days before you wish to travel.

What are the rates for children? Can children travel alone? Infants under two years of age may travel for free as long as they do not occupy a seat of their own. Children who are two years old or older will need to get their own seat however, and will need a reservation to travel. Minors twelve (12) years old or younger must be accommodated by an adult. Drivers cannot accept responsibility for children under the ago of 12 years traveling alone.

Can I travel with pets or unusual items? Small pets (cats, dogs, other small pets) are welcomed by the Big Red Bullet provided they are housed in a suitable pet carrier and stowed in the passenger compartment at the foot of the pet owner. Acceptance of pets must not infringe on passengers in adjoining seats. If the pet carrier is too big for the foot space of a single seat, a second seat will have to be purchased. Animals must be kept within pet carriers at all times whenever they are within the passenger compartment. Service animals may be exempt from some of these rules.

Lost and Found? Items that are found on the bus at the end of a trip will be returned to Big Red Bullet administration who will attempt to contact the owner if the item has any ID. If you believe you have left something on one of our buses, please email us at and leave a detailed description of the item. You may be asked questions to establish that you are the owner and once that has been ascertained, we will make arrangements to get the item to you. If we do not have the item when you call, please leave a detailed description of the item and when it was left on the bus and we will make a note in the event it subsequently turns up. All items not claimed within 90 days will be disposed of or given to charity.

Cancellations and Changes to Reservations Cancellations and changes to your reservation can only be made through the Big Red Bullet online reservation system. If you do not have access to the internet you may make the reservation or reservation change by calling our reservation staff or answering system (available 24/7). Leaving messages or sending e-mails is not sufficient to ensure you have a reservation or to cancel an existing reservation. Please see our Policies page for a complete description of the rules.

No-Shows A no-show is someone who fails to board the bus before the scheduled time of departure and the bus leaves without them. Unfortunately, if you are a no-show, we can’t refund your ticket, so please make sure to plan ahead and get to the BRB Stop ahead of time!

How can I contact you? The management of the Big Red Bullet is always happy to receive comments and constructive criticism from its customers. Our goal is to provide a first-class service that always exceeds your expectations and we are happy to receive any suggestions on how we can improve. We are always happy to hear from you with general comments, particularly if they are complimentary! Please reach us at